Friday, February 3, 2023 — A 9-year-old girl was savagely beaten on a school bus in Florida [source]. The attackers were unidentifiable after media venues blurred most of their features. Black frizzy hair was all that was discernible. However, a Facebook post reveals the attackers as black and the victim as white (see below).

21.66 of the Homestead, Florida population, where the attack occurred, is black. 61.93 percent is white [source].

Takeaways... (submit answers in the comment section below)

• Jim Crow laws and racial segregation existed for a reason. Was it due to white racism? Or was it due to black violence?

• We wonder: Will Critical Race Theory apologists teach the inherent immorality of black-on-white violence? Or will they stay the neo-Marxist course and insist that only white people are oppressive and, therefore, only white people can be racists. 

• We wonder: Will the faltering fake feminists cry out in disgust at such an overt display of patriarchal oppression? 

• Would this happen to a little black girl in a bus full of white kids? Would it happen to a little white girl in bus full of black kids?

• It appears the only place white-on-black violence of this nature proliferates is in Hollywood.

• "Whoopi Goldberg asks if 'we need to see white people get beat up' to see police reform [source]

• Do you believe television commercials accurately portray black people?

Below is a Facebook post revealing the physical profiles of the attackers. Expect this post to be censored by Facebook; that is, they will lie by omission. 



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Anonymous said...

I wish we still had Jim Crow laws and segregation. Separate but equal...I could live with that. The original mistake of importing blacks into the US can never be undone; however we could mitigate it. In any case, we are still importing millions of blacks from Africa and S. America every day through immigration, and it is not based on the merit system. Congolese have nothing to contribute and they come here and adopt the entitled attitude of legacy US blacks. I try to stay in my enclave and avoid the craziness.

Anonymous said...

It truly makes one wonder if black people were enslaved because of their animalistic, savage, horribly aggressive, behavior, or if their abhorrent behavior now is because they were enslaved. The more I see, the more I know it was the former of the two.