Brevity is the soul of wit. 

— William Shakespeare

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• Kenn's Law #503 2021-12-07

Peter's sermon exposed Paul's heresy. Paul's sermon exposed Andrew's heresy. Andrew's sermon exposed Peter's heresy.

• Kenn's Law #502 2021-11-11

We sometimes speak loudest when we say nothing. 

• Kennism #501 2021-10-17

Marxism was a cult until Marx died. Now, it's a religion.

• Kennism #500 2021-09-16

If a group hates hate groups does that make them a hate group?

• Kenn's Law #499 2021-09-16

Faith without facts is fantasy. 

• Kenn's Law #498 2021-09-16

Apistevism: Faith cannot produce facts.

• Kenn's Law #497 2021-09-16

The problem with religious people is not that they are religious, it's that they are people.

• Kennism #496 2021-09-01

First, the mask.

Second, the shot.

Finally, the implant.

• Kennism #495 2021-09-01

No shirt, No shoes, No shot,

No service

• Kennism #494 2021-08-31

When Christians say "I'm praying hard," it makes me wonder: Can one pray soft for something?

• Kennism #493 2021-08-31

If 'people of color' all go to their safe places at the same time, where does that leave white people?


• Kenn's Law #492 2021-06-12

Where wages go, prices follow.


• Kenn's Law #491 2021-05-22

"Us vs them" thinking is something only 'them' do, but not 'us.'


• Kennism #490 2021-05-22

Guns don't kill people.

Aspiring rappers who got in with the wrong crowd before posing in unearned graduation robes kill people.


• Kenn's Law #489 2021-05-22

Social justice and civil justice cannot coexist.


• Kenn's Law #488 2021-05-22

If forced integration resolved racial hostilities, we would expect prisons to be Shangri-Las of racial harmony.


• Kenn's Law #487 2021-05-10

Leftists refer to tax-wasting as "investments"?


• Kenn's Law #486 2021-05-10

The media no longer use the term 'radicalized,' now that BLM and Antifa are at the forefront. 


• Kenn's Law #485 2021-05-10

There's something wrong with people who are never wrong. 


• Kenn's Law #484 2021-02-15

Blood is thicker than water.

And belief is "thicker" than blood.  
(Luke 14:25-27)

• Kennism #483 2021-02-15

George Orwell saw it before it happened.
We can't see it as it happens.

• Kenn's Law #482 2021-02-15

If you can't get along,
try to get alone.
If you can't get alone,
try to get along.

• Kennism #481 2021-02-15

"China Virus" is racist.
"UK Variant" is not racist.
Who makes these rules?

• Kennism #480 2021-02-10

Boomerang. Past tense of boomering. What boomers did before cell phones.

• Kenn's Law #479 2021-02-10

Feminist is to feminine what emasculate is to masculine.

• Kenn's Law #478 2020-12-06

Truth is timeless.

• Kenn's Law #477 2020-12-06

Seldom does our thinking extend beyond our ideology.

• Kenn's Law #476 2020-10-25

Marxism is the religion of which socialism and communism are denominations.

• Kennism #475 2020-10-25

I've never met a climate change denier.
I've only met those who question the official narrative that climate change is man-made.

I've never met a COVID-19 denier.
I've only met those who question if the official narrative is exaggerated.

I've never met a holocaust denier.
I've only met those who question if the official narrative is embellished.

Someone doesn't want us asking questions.

• Kennism #474 2020-10-22

I wonder, why do they call it 'white privilege' rather than 'white blessing'?

• Kenn's Law #473 2020-09-19

Never edit reality to fit an ideological, philosophical, or religious narrative.

Rather, edit ideological, philosophical, and religious narratives to fit reality.

• Kennism #472 2020-08-28

Have you ever had a dream in which you thought you were awake? That's akin to leftists who think they are "woke."

• Kennism #471 2020-08-19

Tell me, again, how burning Kenosha, Wisconsin was social justice while burning Greenwood, Oklahoma was racist.

• Kennism #470 2020-08-19

The far-left employs the illusion of inclusion to justify exclusion.

• Kennism #469 2020-08-13

Saws and hammers don't build houses. People build houses.
Guns and knives don't kill people. People kill people.

• Kennism #468 2020-08-06

If 'civil war' means a struggle to control government, then democracies/republics are perpetual civil wars.

• Kennism #467 2020-08-06

Nations are extended tribes that are extended families.

• Kennism #466 2020-07-24

How gullible the human mind must be to allow Hollywood fantasy script writers to create our frame of reference and world view.

• Kennism #465 2020-07-24

Which is true: The Bible when it says a house divided cannot stand? Or globalism when it says diversity is our strength?

• Kenn's Law #464 2020-07-22

Your design in your destiny.

• Kenn's Law #463 2020-07-12

It's pretentious to ask, 'Will the world be better off without me when I'm gone.' It presumes the world knows I exist.

• Kennism #462 2020-07-12

The left wants me to hate whites. I won't.
So they pretend I hate blacks. I don't.

• Kennism #461 2020-07-03

I just watched a video in which a psychologist advised, "Don't believe what your brain tells you," and my brain told me to believe him.

• Kennism #460 2020-06-29

Have you ever felt like you were drowning, only to have someone throw you a life raft made of concrete?

• Kennism #459 2020-06-25

Two goals of thought reform: 1) Erase 2) Replace.
Four steps of thought reform:
1. Debase
2. Erase
3. Replace
4. Freeze in place

• Kenn's Law #458 2020-06-18

Abuse lasts as long as it's remembered.

• Kenn's Law #457 2020-04-20

Religious people are not stupid because they are religious. Rather, religious people are stupid because they are people.

• Kenn's Law #456 2020-04-03

Ethnic diversity is no strength but a fault line that fractures societies.

• Kenn's Law #455 2020-04-03

What they call 'the news cycle' is often 'the spin cycle.'

• Kenn's Law #454 2020-03-17

Social distancing is antithetical to socialism.

• Kennism #453 2020-03-14

What was formerly called 'senior moment' is now known as 'Biden moment.'

• Kennism #452 2020-03-13

What AOC calls the ”Green New Deal,”
Mao called the “Great Leap Forward.”

• Kennism #451 2020-03-08

Is failure an option? You won't know until you try.

• Kennism #450 2020-03-01

Imagine Bernie's universal Medicare attempting to tackle coronavirus. Or, just look at China trying to tackle coronavirus.

• Kennism #449 2020-02-16

Be skeptical; not cynical.

• Kennism #448 2020-02-16

Today's young leftists are tomorrows middle-aged Republicans. Left behind will be Santa Claus, Easter bunnies, and socialism.

• Kennism #447 2020-02-12

The left uses alarmism with cult-like pedantry. They continually perpetrate fake crises. It may be an alarming increase in white supremacy or impending climate change disaster. They stoke our pathological fear of an apocalypse to herd our thoughts into the confines of their ideological corral and away from free-range reality.

• Kennism #446 2020-02-11

"Are you a lunatic, liar, or Lord," I asked my Christian friend. (I figure if he's not Lord, he must be a lunatic or liar. Why would I want to listen to a lunatic or liar?)

• Kennism #445 2020-02-11

The real Antifa stormed the beaches at Normandy, not the streets of Portland.

• Kenn's Law #444 2020-02-05

The only things worse than angry Democrats are happy Democrats.

• Kennism #443 2020-02-05

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I have Asperger's Syndrome.

• Kennism #442 2020-02-03

Sorry to say, the Super Bowl censored my ad because of its racist content and the lack of $5.25-million to pay for it.

• Kennism #441 2020-02-03

The far-left has convinced us that we are racists, sexists, and antisemites because we don't support the systemic racism, sexism, and antisemitism of Islam.

• Kennism #440 2020-01-29
The nation's most prevalent learning disability is a malady called "leftism."

• Kenn's Law #439 2020-01-28

None is so gullible as the mouse who thinks the cat actually wants to play.

• Kennism #438 2020-01-27

There's a reason why I don't play professional basketball, and it has nothing to do with social injustice or inequality.

• Kenn's Law #437 2020-01-25

Proving one person wrong doesn’t prove another person right.

• Kenn's Law #436 2020-01-25

If sin exists anywhere, God cannot be everywhere.

• Kennism #435 2020-01-25

Morality: We know that it is. We don't know what it is.

• Kenn's Law #434 2020-01-25

Being religious does not make us irrational. Being irrational makes us religious.

• Kennism #433 2020-01-25

The ultimate avoidance is not merely from others
but from yourself as well.

• Kenn's Law #432 2020-01-18

Tolerance encourages bad behavior.

• Kennism #431 2020-01-18

Without free speech, how would we know who the idiots are?

• Kenn's Law #430 2020-01-12

Hate begets avoidance which begets ignorance.

• Kenn's Law #429 2020-01-12

The accusation of racism is the spark that ignites hate.

• Kennism #428 2020-01-12

To defer death is to deny your enemies a celebration.

• Kennism #427 2020-01-12

Death erases everything as if there never was anything.

• Kennism #426 2020-01-12

Nothing ever existed or ever will exist to those who are dead.

• Kennism #425 2020-01-12

95 percent of what we worry about never happens. It's that other five percent that I worry about.

• Kenn's Law #424 2020-01-12

Discontent begets dissidence.

• Kenn's Law #423 2020-01-12

Marxism breeds discontent to beget dissidence.

• Kenn's Law #422 2020-01-12

We criticize that which makes us feel inferior.

• Kenn's Law #421 2020-01-12

They call themselves dissidents rather than revolutionaries because dissident projects a tone of moral purpose.

• Kenn's Law #420 2020-01-12

If you build it, they will come and try to knock it down.

• Kenn's Law #419 2020-01-12

People can only offer what they have to offer and if all they have to offer is negativity, that's what they'll offer.

• Kennism #418 2020-01-11

I never understood why some women punish their husbands with the silent treatment. Seems that would be a reward.

• Kennism #417 2020-01-11

"Racists" is what they call those they hate but can't debate.

• Kennism #416 2020-01-11

There are conspiracy theories about conspiracy theories.

• Kenn's Law # 415 2020-01-10

The fact that one doesn't know that he doesn't know doesn't mean that he knows.

• Kenn's Law # 414 2020-01-01

The fool hath said in his heart, "The fool hath said in his heart there is no God."

• Kennism # 413 2020-01-01

There's henpecked and there is him-pecked.

• Kenn's Law # 412 2019-12-31

Once chocolate is stirred into the milk, it cannot be unmixed.

• Kenn's Law # 411 2019-12-30

'Social justice' is code for 'cultural Marxism.'

• Kenn's Law # 410 2019-12-30

Ideals are the clothing that cover naked aggression.

• Kenn's Law # 409 2019-12-30

Some express their hatred for others by replacing the word "hate" with "fear". They say they fear this person, when they actually hate the person. This transfers the shame to the person they hate, and sympathy to themselves.

• Kenn's Law # 408 2019-12-29

Your spirit is mirrored in the countenance of those you encounter.

• Kenn's Law # 407 2019-12-29

We tend to hate those with whom we disagree.

• Kennism # 406 2019-12-29

The egg that became you was present in your mother when the egg that became her was present in her mother. So, the egg that became you existed about 30 years prior to your birth. — paraphrased from a presentation by Dr. Kent L. Thornburg

• Kennism # 405 2019-12-28

Red flag laws promise to take guns from those considered a risk. And who do they consider a risk? Anyone who owns a gun.

• Kennism # 404 2019-12-28

Most every religion has its holy writ.

Christianity has the Bible
Islam has the Quran
Judaism has the Talmud and Torah
Mormonism has The Book of Mormon
Scientology has Dianetics
Hinduism has the Vedas
Buddhism has the Sutras
National Socialism has Mein Kampf
Cultural Marxism has Das Kapital

• Kennism # 403 2019-12-28

When I attend church, I feel like Daniel in the den of lions — except God never closes the mouths of my lions.

• Kennism # 402 2019-12-28

Communism is a misnomer. There are no commonly owned enterprises in communist states; no communes. There are only government owned slave plantations, slave factories, and other slave entities. It is not communism. It is slavism. (See • Kenn's Law #240 and #292.)

• Kenn's Law # 401 2019-12-28

What you eat today you are tomorrow.

• Kenn's Law # 400 2019-12-28

Fad does not always equal bad. (After listening to an "expert" trash the keto diet as "just a fad".)
• Kenn's Law # 399 2019-12-28

It's hard to be heard in the herd.

• Kennism # 398 2019-12-28

Shouldn't here here be hear here?

• Kennism # 397 2019-12-28

In the end, a professional singer is a professional noise maker; a person who makes noise so appealing that others willingly pay to hear it.

• Kenn's Law # 396 2019-12-28

As parents beget children who beget children, wars beget wars that beget wars.

• Kenn's Law # 395 2019-12-28

Nature vs nurture: The ability to speak is the product of nature; the language we speak is the product of nurture. (See • Kenn's Law #136.)

• Kenn's Law # 394 2019-12-28

Human history is the product of human nature and until evolution changes the latter into a new species, the former will continue to repeat itself.

• Kenn's Law # 393 2019-12-27

Mein Kampf was not written in an academic's illuminated office but in the darkness of a dank and cold prison. Oppression is the incubator of dissidence.

• Kenn's Law # 392 2019-12-27

Millionaire black athletes imagine themselves victims of oppressive white privilege. The mere illusion of oppression is an incubator of discontent. (See #342.)

• Kenn's Law # 391 2019-12-25

As voodoo controls the minds of Negroes, political correctness controls the minds of Caucasians. Both are fear-based illusions.

• Kenn's Law # 390 2019-12-25

Caucasians repulsed by the term Negro are under the spell of political correctness; the white man's voodoo.

• Kenn's Law # 389 2019-12-25

Eyes are not windows to the soul.

Rather, the windows are words, works, and wealth.

(See Matthew 12:34, Matthew 7:16, and Matthew 6:21.)

• Kenn's Law # 388

Lies outnumber truth ∞ to 1. (See #303.)

• Kennism # 387

It's not good for man to be alone. And the loneliest place on earth is in a crowd.

• Kennism # 386 2019-12-25

Cultural Marxism is recruiting evangelicals to rebuild the globalist Tower of Babel.

• Kennism # 385 2019-12-25

Have you noticed the epidemic of Nazis hailing cabs in New York City?

• Kennism # 384 2019-12-24

True of false? Syllogism...

Every [fill in the blank] is obnoxious.
He/she is a [fill in the blank], therefore
He/she must be obnoxious.

• Kenn's Law # 383 2019-12-24

Sometimes the best argument is to shut up and let them talk.

• Kenn's Law # 382 2019-12-24

Attempting to make sense of nonsense is a prime example of ex nihilo.

• Kenn's Law # 381 2019-12-24

It is impossible to be impartial.

• Kennism # 380 2019-12-23

Which is worse? The massacre of the violent Pequot? Or the bombings of the innocent in Dresden and Hiroshima?

• Kennism # 379 2019-12-23

I don't want them to learn English. I want them to proudly speak their native language, embrace their ancestral cultures, practice their tribal traditions, and claim their original homeland as a fundamental human right. I want them to be a distinct people; not global citizens.

• Kennism # 378 2019-12-23

We wisely avoid toxic substances that poison our bodies but foolishly fail to avoid toxic people who poison our minds.

• Kennism # 377 2019-12-23

By befouling the truth while portraying destructive myths as virtuous, cultural Marxism has manipulated our minds to adopt its fantasyland worldview. (For this reason we abhor great men like Sen. Joe McCarthy and embrace noxious concepts such as multiculturalism.)

• Kennism # 376 2019-12-21

Cargo-cult Christianity is a cheap facade of the real thing and it is quickly becoming the norm among evangelicals who are embracing tenets of cultural Marxism.

• Kenn's Law # 375 2019-12-20

Few things are more exhausting than people who refuse to check their natural and, therefore, predictable reactive behaviors.

• Kennism # 374 2019-12-20

Turn off your emotional triggers and turn on your intellectual inquiry system. In short, adopt an encompassing skeptic mindset. Shorter still, question everything.

• Kenn's Law # 373 2019-12-18

Immigration plus assimilation equals obliteration.

• Kennism # 372 2019-12-16

What you can't put away, throw away.

• Kenn's Law # 371 2019-12-15

Attempting to unravel Christian theology is less akin to peeling an onion and more akin to Rain Man attempting to comprehend "Who's on first?"

• Kenn's Law # 370 2019-12-11

For every freeloader there's a fee-loader.

• Kenn's Law # 369 2019-12-04

'Privilege' is a word appropriated by the far-left to falsely imply unfair advantage.

• Kenn's Law # 368 2019-12-01

Diversity is not our strength; it's our ammonium nitrate.

• Kenn's Law # 367 2019-11-25

Religion does not give us a moral compass. Our moral compass gives us religion.

• Kenn's Law # 366 2019-11-24

Culture wars are fought on five fronts: Cinema, television, music, the Internet and the classroom. Those who control the five fronts will win the war for our minds.

• Kennism # 365 2019-11-23

Why do we called them, "refrigerators." Shouldn't they be just, "frigerators"?

• Kennism # 364 2019-11-23

You know you're old when they state your age followed by "years young" rather than "years old".

• Kenn's Law # 363 2019-11-21

The person representing a minority view always has the upper hand in debate due to the preponderance of potential converts.

• Kennism # 362 2019-11-19

Why do we say, "insane"? Seems to me it should be "outsane" or "unsane".

• Kenn's Law # 361 2019-11-17

In the hierarchy of social justice offensives, racism nearly always trumps everything else; including sexism.

• Kenn's Law # 360 2019-11-17

At some point we transition from young whippersnappers to old fuddy-duddies.

• Kenn's Law # 359 2019-11-15

Wealth is relative.

• Kenn's Law # 358 2019-11-10

Most stereotypes are rooted in reality.

• Kennism # 357 2019-11-10

I recall war movies and TV westerns of the 1950s and 60s. They included white people killing each other. That never translated into a culture of violence.

• Kenn's Law # 356 2019-11-10

When you ask others for advice their advice will be to seek advice.

• Kenn's Law # 355 2019-11-02

It is immoral and irrational to hate someone due to immutable characteristics such as race. It is also immoral and irrational to deny immutable characteristics such as race differences.

• Kennism # 354 2019-11-02

Google the search term, "teacher arrested." Click on images. Then consider these are the few that got caught.

• Kenn's Law # 353 2019-11-02

To deny climate change is natural rather than man-made is to be a climate change denier. (See #256.)

• Kenn's Law # 352 2019-11-02

"Tough love" is just a cover for guiltless hate.

• Kennism # 351 2019-11-02

Roof over my head? Of course. Where else would it be?

• Kenn's Law # 350 2019-11-02

Merit vs Affirmative Action can be expressed as qualified vs equalified.

• Kennism # 349 2019-11-02

SPLC's hate map catalogs individuals and groups we are expected to hate.

• Kennism # 348 2019-10-24

We're told that both gender and race are social constructs. Why, then, is transgender acceptable but trans-race is "black face"?

• Kennism # 347 2019-10-06

Some biblical commandments we choose to ignore. These include:

• Greet one another with a holy kiss.
• Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak.
• Love one another.

• Kennism # 346 2019-10-06

Why must we look another in the eye and shake his hand? Noise is emitting from his mouth, not his eyes and hand shaking is as invasive and disgusting as a kissing on the lips. I prefer to do neither.    

• Kennism # 345 2019-10-04

Singing, writing, and public speaking are both art and science in which art must always take precedence over science.   

• Kennism # 344 2019-10-04

Rather than a weight loss goal, I suggest a waist loss goal.

Ideal for most seems to be 1-to-1 hip-to-waist ratio.

• Kenn's Law # 343

Church is where wolves go to pretend they're sheep.

• Kennism # 342

"White privilege" is a term so powerful that it often convinces black NBA millionaires they're oppressed.

• Kennism # 341

When you walk through the storm and hold your head up high, you're more likely to be struck by lightening.

• Kennism # 340

"Racism" is the Marxist term for "anti-Marxism."

The term is hate speech. It is a pejorative intended to defame those who disagree with Marxism's core dogma of absolute equality and opposition to individuality.

• Kennism # 339

The buffalo with Asperger syndrome stands alone and watches the herd stampede over the cliff.

• Kennism # 338

We're destined to regress to a Neo-paleolithic era.   

• Kennism # 337

Jews dominate Hollywood for the same reason blacks dominate basketball and whites dominate ice hockey: It's what they're good at.   

• Kennism # 336

It sounds like science fiction in which an inferior race defeats a superior race due to the latter's Achilles heel. In this case, it is our pathological altruism and tendency for empathy that is being exploited to destroy us.  

• Kennism # 335

"The gun lobby" is a leftist pejorative for "the Constitution lobby."  

• Kennism # 334

Eating can be a form of self-mutilation. The physical feeling is a distraction from emotional discomfort.  

• Kenn's Law # 333

Without reverence for our past there is little hope for a future.  

• Kennism # 332

The advantage of slander is that it provides a litmus test that distinguishes your friends from your enemies.

Good friend - Someone who refuses to listen to slander about you.

Friend - Someone who questions slander about you.

Non-friend - Someone who listens to and believes slander about you.

Enemy - Someone who listens to and repeats slander about you.

Archenemy - Someone who initiates slander about you.

• Kennism # 331

Nothing shouts the 'n' word louder than behaving like an 'n' word.  

• Kenn's Law # 330

Trust opens the gate to abuse.  

• Kenn's Law # 329

People seldom strive to find truth. They strive to confirm biases.

• Kennism # 328

Don't think of food in terms of vegan vs carnivore or paleo vs keto. Think in terms of medicine vs poison.

• Kennism # 327

In biology the Hayflick limit occurs when cells no longer divide due to DNA damage or shortened telomeres. The organism dies.

In society a "Hayflick limit" occurs when members of a race cease duplicating themselves through birth control or misogyny. The race dies.

• Kennism # 326

We should reserve judgement and remain skeptical until all information is made available and confirmed to be true. Because all information will never be made available and confirmed to be true, we must remain eternally skeptical.

• Kennism # 325

I often wondered why women stay in physically abusive love relationships. Then it occurred to me: Why do I love ice cream? It abuses my body. So we broke up.

• Kennism # 324

God could change my mind instantly by verifiably manifesting himself. He has not because he cannot because he is not.

• Kennism # 323

Sometimes I feel like I'm walking up the down escalator.

• Kennism # 322

How long before fake feminists begin calling it "personsopause"?

• Kenn's Law # 321

Sometimes the official story is the conspiracy theory and the conspiracy theory is the real story.

• Kennism # 320

I asked my wife to make me a sandwich. So she hosed me down with mustard and stuffed me in a hotdog bun.

• Kennism # 319

My pronoun of choice is the N word.

• Kenn's Law # 318

Thought reform is evident when women confuse chivalry with chauvinism.

• Kennism # 317

Leftists hate populism and equate it with racism. But isn't populism an expression of democracy?

• Kennism # 316

Why do they call themselves 'progressives'?
They are regressive.

Why do they call themselves 'liberals'?
They are authoritarian.

Why do they call themselves 'feminists'?
They abhor feminine women.

• Kennism # 315

Recall the road rage incident involving actor Chevy Chase in February, 2018 and the next time you're cut off in traffic, remind yourself that you are being treating like a movie star.

• Kenn's Law # 314

People are people. Gathering under a steeple doesn't change that.

• Kennism # 313

If you think of your group as a "remnant," you may be in a cult.

• Kennism # 312

Were Adam and Eve the original couple, did they possess all the genetic information of all subsequent humans? Or have we been changed through mutations? If the latter, how much have we changed?

• Kennism # 311

I don't worry about dying broke.
I worry about living broke.

• Kenn's Law # 310

Individualism is our strength.

• Kenn's Law # 309

A nation is a family. A country is the house they call 'home.'

• Kenn's Law # 308

As a family can exist without a house, so a nation can exist without a land.   

• Kenn's Law # 307

And you can tell a man's character by the company he doesn't keep.

• Kenn's Law # 306

The least free places in the USA are prisons and college campuses.

• Kenn's Law # 305

Natal, nativity, native; nation. All point to kinsmen.

• Kenn's Law # 304

A family is not defined by the walls of a house or the fence that protects it, but by kinship. Likewise, a nation is not defined by its borders, but by the people's kinship.

• Kenn's Law # 303

Lies are without limit. Reality is singular. No wonder we are apt to believe lies. There are so many of them. (See #388.)

• Kenn's Law # 302

Volume and decibels combined with repetition are not evidence.

• Kenn's Law # 301

A "friend" who sticks closer than a brother is likely a leech. [more]

• Kenn's Law # 300

So they made up this lie about George Washington axing down the cherry tree to teach children not to lie?

• Kennism # 299

I'm a minimalist. I once placed nothing but a red light bulb on my front porch to celebrate Christmas. That was a mistake.

• Kenn's Law # 298

The most productive, effective, and efficient method of meditation is called "a long walk."

• Kenn's Law # 297

Group meditation is nothing more than silent socializing.

• Kenn's Law # 296

Meditation classes: Seriously? We need to be taught how to shut up and think?

• Kenn's Law # 295

A country is its culture. A government is that country's laws. Its laws reflect the culture. Changing the culture through demographic shift will eventually change its laws and Constitution.

• Kenn's Law # 294

I've come to the conclusion that one can never come to a conclusion.  What's this?

• Kenn's Law # 293

If they don't mind invading your country from afar, they won't mind invading your home from next door.

• Kenn's Law # 292

Referring to government schools as "public" is as dishonest as referring to slave plantations as "communes".

• Kenn's Law # 291

I'm the most anti-racist person I know; I just add one more race: white people.

• Kenn's Law # 290

Was was.

What happened is what happened regardless of what we believe happened. Or, in short, was was.

• Kenn's Law # 289

Most history is hearsay.

• Kennism # 288

I am not a denier. I am an inquirer.

• Kennism # 287

I don't want to believe what is believed to be true. I want to know what is known to be true.

• Kenn's Law # 286

If I can't get along, I get away.

• Kenn's Law # 285

The three most difficult English words to say are,
"I don't know".

• Kenn's Law # 284

Listening to gossip is inherent.
Believing gossip is inherent.
Acting out beliefs is inherent.
We are inherently flawed.

• Kennism # 283

"New and improved."

If it's new, how can it be improved?

• Kenn's Law # 282

The far right is really the mainstream and the mainstream media is really the far left

• Kenn's Law # 281

They say: "We're a nation of immigrants."

Truth says: "Without borders we're not a nation at all."

• Kenn's Law # 280

Truth can't contradict itself.

• Kennism # 279

Why do they call them "waiters" when the patron does the waiting?

• Kennism # 278

Is racism a social construct?

• Kennism # 277

When they say "anti-racism", they mean 'anti-white'.

When I say "anti-racism", I mean 'anti-racism'.

• Kennism # 276

Do bad memories trigger depression? Or does depression trigger bad memories?

• Kenn's Law # 275

Reverse racism is not actually discriminating against whites. It's discriminating in favor of blacks.

• Kenn's Law # 274

What they did to the BSA
is what they will do to the USA.

• Kennism # 273

We're a nation of immigrants.

Oh. So we DIDN'T steal land from Indians!

• Kennism # 272

Portland, Oregon is the whitest major US city: 77.6% white and 5.8% black. It is also one of the most left-leaning. Leftists practice segregation while preaching integration.

• Kennism # 271

White male dominated society: Ever notice late-night talk show hosts are all white-male leftists?

• Kenn's Law # 270

Leftists are not blind.
They are blindfolded.

• Kennism # 269

Shouldn't they be called "hairless Krishnas"?

• Kennism # 268

"Crisis actors?"

Doesn't that describe the entire Democratic Party?

• Kenn's Law # 267

The shortest measurement of time has been recorded: It is the time between disagreeing with a moonbat liberal Democrat and being called a racist.

• Kennism # 266

Belief biases: One group says the Easter bunny is brown. Another groups says the Easter bunny is pink. And so they go to war.

• Kenn's Law # 265

All religions are nonsensical; except, of course, for my religion. It's perfectly rational.

• Kenn's Law # 264

Every religion is a rumor.

• Kenn's Law  # 263

Every step is a crossroad.

• Kennism # 262

'White privilege' equals 'red herring'.

• Kennism # 261


Google the search term "teacher arrested" — then click "images". (See # 354.)

• Kenn's Law # 260

Something leftists never say in South Africa:

"We're a nation of immigrants."

• Kennism # 259

Cultural Marxism commandments:

Thou shalt not be masculine (unless you are a woman)
Thou shalt not be feminine (unless you are a man)

• Kennism # 258

Does your science follow your beliefs? Or do your beliefs follow science?

• Kennism # 257

Once Western culture is displaced by refugees, where will refugees seek refuge?

• Kennism # 256

Climate change denier: One who denies climate change occurs naturally.

• Kenn's Law # 255

To inhibit the freedom to speak is to inhibit the freedom to hear.

• Kennism # 254

If you don't know the difference between a white suffragette dress and a pink genitalia costume, you're not a feminist.

• Kennism # 253

If you're not feminine female, you're not a female feminist.

• Kennism # 252

Diversity is our strength? Nah.

Deporting illegal aliens is our strength.

• Kennism # 251

How about a sanctuary nation for Americans?

• Kennism # 250

Separation of church and state:

You cannot pay taxes to the state and, at once, be separated from it.

(Oddly, advocates of the separation of church and state also advocate removing tax exception for churches.)

• Kennism # 249

Why do they refer to masculinized women as "feminists"?

• Kennism # 248

Pink Lionel trains sold poorly because:

(a) Girls are culturally conditioned.
(b) Girls are genetically conditioned.

• Kennism # 247

I would support the private funding of holocaust museums, providing they were inclusive of all holocausts committed since 1900.

• Kenn's Law # 245

Love affairs with food are akin to friendships:
If the love isn't mutual,
there's no basis for a relationship.

I love glazed donuts, but they don't return the love. They make me fat.

I love bacon. It returns the love.
We have a life-time relationship.

• Kenn's Law # 244

I'm a feminist. I believe women should be feminine.

• Kennism # 243

Scratch a liberal and it bleeds sarcasm.

• Kennism # 242

The pussy-hats in the USA are not feminists. They a**holes. They absconded the word "feminist" to lend credibility to their insanity.

• Kennism # 241

"I changed my mind. Therefore, I must be objective." So says the Jehovah's Witness, Mormon, Baptist, Christian apologist, atheist, ad infinitum.

• Kenn's Law # 240

Liberals will always use mislabeling as a ruse of deception. Example: They mislabel bitches as "feminists" to lend dignity to female bitching. They mislabel patriots as "racists" to demonize nationalism. They mislabel themselves "liberals" even though they hate liberty and embrace authoritarianism. They call their slave plantations "communes" and their systemic slavery "communism".

• Kenn's Law # 239

Virtually every religion contradicts reality and, therefore, creates cognitive dissonance.

• Kenn's Law # 238

Christian apologetics is nothing more than an effort to alleviate cognitive dissonance.

• Kenn's Law # 237

Scratch cultural Marxism and it bleeds touchy-feely emotions; no logic, no real rationalism, no substance, and no critical thinking.

• Kenn's Law # 236

We are naturally programmed to believe we are supernaturally programmed.

• Kennism # 235

A man earns one dollar while a woman gets 77 cents. It's injustice; which is another word for "alimony."

• Kenn's Law # 234

We unconsciously think in harmony with groups we associate with, even when the group's consensus is wrong.

• Kennism # 233

I've decided to go trans-religious & trans-gender so I can wear a hijab. I prefer solid white. How do you think it will go?

• Kennism # 232

How Christian apologists reason:

If the Bible said one-plus-one equals three, apologists would explain, "The second 'one' constitutes one group of two, such as 'two peas in a pod'". They would then conclude that one-plus-one actually does equal three.


Ask an apologist to explain the contradiction between Acts 7:14 and  Gen. 46:27.

• Kennism # 231

"I'm praying for you" is, perhaps, the most common lie ever told.

Usually such phrases are benign expressions of empathy; slightly tinged (or seasoned, if you prefer) with a touch of piety. No harm done.

• Kenn's Law # 230

There is a "policeman" embedded in your brain that beats you with the "racism" nightstick whenever you ponder realism.

• Kennism # 229

Stop pretending your treason is anti-racism.

• Kennism # 228

Identity politics turned Virginia into a blue state.

As the population turned browner, Virginia turned bluer. Virginia is now an ethno state; the electorate controlled by "people of color." The majority of non-white people will support authoritarian government and askew individual liberties, rugged individualism, and the wealth from our innovative free-market system that attracted them to America.

• Kennism # 227

At a distance, we are fooled by plastic fake fruit.

Up close we discover reality.

At a distance, we are fooled by the "reality" that is manufactured in Hollywood or academia.

From up-close experience we realize we have been fooled.

• Kennism # 226

Human psychology: Emotion trumps reason.

That's why leftists appeal to emotion rather than reason. First, it's effective. Second, it's their only option.

• Kennism # 225

White guilt. Another term for "internal police" that enforces the law implanted in your mind by social engineers

• Kennism # 224

If the thought police determine it's a "love crime," does the criminal receive a lesser sentence?

• Kennism # 223

Columbus should never have come here ... but millions of Muslims are welcome?

• Kenn's Law # 222

Most documentaries about Adolf Hitler or National Socialism will begin with dark music.

• Kenn's Law # 221

Belief systems emanating from social pressure are usually contrived and, consequently, wrong.

• Kenn's Law # 220

The media will refer to leftist extremists as "activists" and conservative activists as "extremists."

• Kennism # 219

You've heard of the rooster who believed his crowing made the sun rise?

Liberals actually believe they can control the climate with "crowing" about "climate change."

• Kenn's Law # 218

The strategy of the far-left: First, establish racism as the ultimate sin. Second, equate patriotism with racism making patriotism the equivalent of the ultimate sin. (See • Kennism # 211).

• Kenn's Law # 217

Why leftists embrace Islam, reason number one:

Muslims overwhelmingly vote for far-left political parties and agenda.

• Kennism # 216

Why leftists embrace Islam, reason number two:

Along with Islam's penchant for non-stop terrorism comes a need for authoritarian government intervention. Read more ►

• Kennism # 215

When given the option to choose between NFL and USA, a surprisingly large number of former patriots are choosing NFL.

• Kenn's Law # 214

If Nazis say, "1+1=2"
And you say, "1+1=2"
The media will say, "You agree with Nazis"

• Kenn's Law # 213

Leftists Photoshop history.

• Kenn's Law # 212

You can measure your success by your opposition's reactions.

• Kennism # 211

2 steps:

First step: Establish that racism is the ultimate evil.

Second step: Label those with whom you disagree 'RACIST'!

• Kenn's Law # 210

Race realism is the antithesis of real racism.
Race realism is the antidote of real racism.

• Kenn's Law # 209

You are what you ATE.

• Kenn's Law # 208

The left takes our symbols of pride and turns them into symbols of shame.

• Kennism # 207

There are an estimated 30,000 Christian denominations and sects of which 29,999 necessarily must be wrong, at least in part. The odds that you belong to the group that's got it right all the time is, at its best, 1 out of 30,000.

• Kennism # 206

Our world views conform to our core beliefs. If that foundation is skewed, the structure will be skewed.

• Kenn's Law # 205

Sometimes the most careless thing you can do is be too careful.

• Kennism # 204

The 1960's hippy "non-conformist" uniform: Stringy hair, granny glasses, tie-dye shirts, bell bottoms, sandals.

• Kennism # 203

Gilligan's Island remake:
Gilligan is white. Skipper is a gay Hispanic.
Professor is black.
Ginger is a white feminist and mates with Professor.
Mary Anne is a Muslim.
The Howells are evil white capitalists.
Read more ►

• Kennism # 202

First, ask yourself, "What's wrong with the Ku Klux Klan?"

Second, take your answer and multiply it times 10-million.

That sum is what's wrong with Islam.

• Kenn's Law # 201

Accusing others of being dumb doesn't make us smart.

• Kennism # 200

Mated my socks. Now I hear the pitter patter of tiny little socks running around my house.

• Kennism #199

It takes a traditional family to raise a child. It takes a village to raise feral street thugs.

• Kennism #198

When Marxists speak of a "classless society..." Are they thinking of Kathy Griffin? Or Rosie O'Donnell? Or Michelle Wolf.

• Kennism #197

Notice victims of Islamic terror in Western nations are not multicultural.

• Kennism #196

Tim Allen and Bill O'Reilly: The "rural purge" continues well into the 21st century.

• Kenn's Law #195

The Confederate flag is not a symbol of hate. It's a target of hate.

• Kennism #194

I nearly died from Sepsis. I didn't think of the invading bacteria as migrants nor the physicians as xenophobes.

• Kennism #193

We're in WW3. The battlefield is our minds; the weaponry is the media.

• Kennism #192

How to get sober: Sip a beer every time you hear the MSM say "Muslim" or "Islam" during a terrorist attack report.

• Kenn's Law #191

News media bias occurs when the reporter begins with an ideological mold and develops a story to fit that mold.

• Kenn's Law #190

Nothing argues more effectively for disbelieving theism than misbehaving theists.

• Kenn's Law #189

Most victims of Islamic terrorism are Islamic making Islam the world's largest Islamophobic organization.

• Kennism #188

Cultural Marxist strategy:

They camouflage their HATE by pretending it's FEAR.


• Kennism #187

12 to 14 million ethnic Germans forced from Eastern Europe. 500,000 to 2 million died. The real "trail of tears"?

• Kennism #186

Dare to think the unthinkable and speak the unspeakable. Don't let cultural Marxism control your thoughts and words. Don't let them bully you with accusations of "racist," "Uncle Tom," or [fill-in-the-blank]phobe.

• Kennism #185

The aliens who influenced the 2016 presidential election were from Mexico; not Russia.

• Kenn's Law #184

Plop a group of white people most anywhere on the planet and they will create wealth.

• Kenn's Law #183

Freedom of association is our strength.

• Kennism #182

If diversity is our greatest strength, why must it be forced upon us? — copied

• Kennism #181

"White supremacists:" What fake news calls patriots.

• Kennism #180

When they say "[fill in the blank] denier," think "[fill in the blank] skeptic"

• Kennism #179

93.2% of federal inmates are male 6.8% are female. Is this sexism?

• Kenn's Law #178

Saying "I'm not perfect, just forgiven" is a hypocrite's effort to make his hypocrisy seem less hypocritical.

• Kennism #177

If diversity is our strength, why isn't the Congressional Black Caucus diversified?

• Kenn's Law #176

With few exceptions:

If you place yourself at another's mercy, you won't get it.

• Kennism #175

Everyone wants to come to America for healthcare.
All other nations have socialized medicine.

I wonder if there's a connection.

• Kennism #174

When a Christian says, "I'll drive," what he really means is, "I want to hold you captive in my vehicle while I casually bring up a conversation about religion and try to convert you."

• Kennism #173

Be skeptical of everything, including skepticism.

• Kennism #172

An estimated 6-million ethnic Germans died during World War II.

Is that not a holocaust? [source]

• Kennism #171

I took an IQ test in 1957. It revealed I had the mind of a 4-year-old.

• Kennism #170

How to be blessed of God: Sneeze.

• Kennism #169

Someone said that truth is racist.

I wonder: Is that true?

• Kenn's Law #168

Affirmative Action is the ultimate expression of systemic racism.   

• Kenn's Law #167

Hijrah is jihad by migration.

Every Muslim immigrant is a jihadist.  

• Kenn's Law #166

Everyone thinks he thinks clearly.

Everyone thinks everyone else needs to "see the light."  

• Kennism #165

1. Trumps' backers rally.
2. Soros' brownshirts disrupt rally.
3. Media reports "Violent Trump Rally".   

• Kenn's Law #164

Reality unknown is still reality.
Reality denied is still reality.
Reality ignored is still reality
Reality distorted is still reality.   

• Kenn's Law #163

Never ask, "Why do I believe what I believe?"

Rather, ask, "Why do I believe what I believe about why I believe what I believe?"   

• Kenn's Law #162

The first rule of cultural Marxism: Always cast yourself in the role of a victim.   

• Kenn's Law #161

Your mind has two "eyes." One sees science. The other sees art. The best compositions are created by those who see with both eyes.   

• Kennism #160

Liberals call me a racist.
Racists call me a liberal.

• Kennism #159

Liberals and racists talk incessantly about race. When we refuse to talk about race, then only liberals and racists are being heard.

(Someone asked me why I talk so much about race.)

• Kenn's Law #158

Some will love you in spite of your depravity. Some will hate you in spite of your virtue.

• Kennism #157

Marxist or racist: Who convinced us that white people must be one or the other?

• Kenn's Law #156

Diversity does not attract wealth. Wealth attracts diversity.

• Kenn's Law #155

Shouting a lie doesn't make it true. Silencing a truth doesn't make it a lie.    

• Kenn's Law #154

The difference between liberal Democrats and a dangerous, baby-sacrificing religious cult: Liberal Democrats aren't religious.    

• Kenn's Law #153

A true friend is one who listens to slander and still hugs your neck. A fake friend is one who listens to slander and wrings your neck.    

• Kennism #152

Sometimes I like to be around church people to remind me why I don't like to be around church people.    

• Kenn's Law #151

First they dehumanize you by mentally dressing you in a Klan robe or Nazi uniform. That gives them psychological license to punch you in the face.   

• Kennism #150

I wonder why the term "Bell Curve denier" has never come into vogue.   

• Kenn's Law #149

An exception proves the rule. Many exceptions disprove the rule.   

• Kenn's Law #148

Women and minorities are to cultural Marxists what hookers and slaves are to pimps and slave owners.   

• Kenn's Law #147

To discriminate in favor of one group is to discriminate against all others.  

• Kennism #146

1.4 billion Muslims divided by 30,150 documented terrorist attacks equals one deadly terrorist attack per 46,667 Muslims (9/11/2001 through 1/17/2017). [Contributed by a YouTube viewer.]

• Kennism #145

30,150 documented Islamic terrorist attacks negates the notion of "Islamophobia." It's not an irrational fear. It's a reason to be gravely concerned (9/11/2001 through 1/17/2017).

• Kennism #144

The next time leftists suggest your views are out of date, remind them that Marxism is a discredited ideology from the 19th century.

• Kenn's Law #143

If A = B, then B must necessarily equal A.

To say Trump is as bad as Hitler is to say Hitler was as good as Trump.

To say the Tea Party is as bad as the Klan, is to admit the Klan was no worse than the Tea Party.

• Kenn's Law #142

Cultural Marxism exists to resolve class conflicts. Where there are no class conflicts, its existence is unnecessary. Therefore, it creates class conflicts to justify its existence.

• Kenn's Law #141

Cultural Marxism creates conflicts so it can resolve them. It's akin to a fireman who commits arson so he can extinguish the fire.

• Kenn's Law #140

Nothing argues more convincingly against theism than the divergence between professed Christian faith and behavior.

• Kenn's Law #139

If a white person makes a mistake, it's a crime. If a black person commits a crime, it's a mistake.

• Kenn's Law #138

Everyone believes in climate change. There are no climate change deniers or skeptics. There are, however, many who question the extent that human activities affect the climate.

• Kenn's Law #137

Culture is society's accumulation of learned behavior.

• Kenn's Law #136

The difference between innate ability and learned behavior: The ability to speak is innate. The language you speak is learned.

• Kenn's Law #135

The language spoken by a society is a component of its culture. Social engineers affect culture by affecting its language.

• Kenn's Law #134

"Press one for English" is an example of social engineering and part of cultural genocide.

• Kennism #133

Circulus in probando

Q: Why don't blacks like Donald Trump?
A: Because he's a racist.

Q: How do you know he's a racist?
A: Because blacks don't like him.

Q: Why don't blacks like him?
A: Because he's a racist.

• Kenn's Law #132

The presumed objective of cultural Marxism is to eliminate class conflicts when, in reality, it creates class conflicts.

• Kenn's Law #131

Having applied irreducible complexity we define cultural Marxist idealogy as: The oppressor oppressing the oppressed.

• Kenn's Law #130

'Mansplaining' is a language-loading term employed by cultural Marxism to convince ditsy women that every time a man speaks he is oppressing her.

• Kennism #129

To discover what the far left is up to, simply listen to what they accuse the far right of doing.

• Kennism #128

Fake news syllogism: How liberals determine what is and is not fake news . . .

1. I am  correct
2. You disagree with me
3. Therefore, you are incorrect (e.g, "fake").

• Kenn's Law #127

Government force that compels us to sell to a protected class can compel us to buy from a protected class.

• Kennism #126

Some think Jews are demigods to be revered. Some think Jews are demons to be despised. I think Jews are individuals.

• Kennism #125

Don't place Pamela Geller and Barbara Lerner Spectre in the same box.

• Kenn's Law #124

The most effective propaganda doesn't look like propaganda.

• Kennism #123

With over 30,000 Islamic terror attacks and zero Klan terror attacks since 9-11/2001:

There is no Islamophobia. There is Klanophobia.

• Kenn's Law #122

If his views seem extremist to you, your views seem extremist to him.

• Kennism #121

The 4-word question that will shush most privileged white liberals: "Where do you live?"

Most live in insular and isolated white "Jim Crow" neighborhoods, far removed from the "people of color" for whom they pretend to care.

• Kenn's Law #120

You can be pro-this without being anti-that. You can be pro-us without being anti-them. Your can be pro-white without being a racist.

• Kennism #119

Reculturalization is my term for displacing cultural Marxism with traditional culture.

• Kenn's Law #118

"Fake news," as understood by the left, is any information that fails to fit the cultural Marxism narrative.

• Kenn's Law #117

Half of the alt-right is comprised of government informants whose role is to destabilize the movement by accusing the other half of being government informants.

• Kenn's Law #116

Sensibility trumps sensitivity.

• Kennism #115

When cultural Marxists say "inclusion," look to see who they are excluding.

• Kenn's Law #114

"Inclusion" is the cultural Marxism excuse of exclusion.

• Kenn's Law #113

'Transgender' will occur when science can convert the xx to the xy chromosome or vice versa.

• Kennism #112

'Progressive' is a relative term.

If your destination is New York, flying to California is not progressive.
If your destination is freedom, 'flying' to Marxism is not progressive.

• Kenn's Law #111

The news about fake news is usually fake news.

• Kennism #110

"Friends" are those who would attend your funeral.
"Loved ones" are those who would cry at your funeral.

• Kenn's Law #109

The friendliest people you will ever meet are used car salesmen. (See • Kenn's Law #55.)

• Kenn's Law #108

"Glass ceilings" are usually nothing more than aptitude limitations.

• Kenn's Law #107

When two disagree, one necessarily must be wrong.
When all disagree all but one must necessarily be wrong.

• Kenn's Law #106

Of the 7.4 billion humans who inhabit the earth, no two are in total agreement; evidence that we are all at least partially delusional all the time.

• Kenn's Law #105

Reality is immutable and absolute.

• Kenn's Law #104

Absolute reality is unknowable.

• Kenn's Law #103

Truths untold are lies of omission.

• Kenn's Law #102

Their arguments are the evidence that you prompted your opponents to think.

• Kennism #101

'Domestic Marxism' is my term for the displacement of traditional household gender roles.

• Kenn's Law #100

Religion will never be replaced with reason because humans are inherently unreasonable as made evident by our propensity for religion.

• Kennism #99

'Feminists' say, "Barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen."

'Feminists' don't say, "Barefoot, pregnant, and in a burka."

• Kennism #98

Liberals hate hate groups because it is wrong to hate. (See • Kenn's Law #2).

• Kenn's Law #97

Western culture is the innovation breadbasket of the world.

• Kenn's Law #96

Diversity in free speech is our strength.

• Kenn's Law #95

Idealism begets the ideal form of collectivism.

• Kenn's Law #94

There are two types of Muslims: First, the terrorists who destroy and, second, the moderates who enable them.

• Kenn's Law #93

Here are two immutable truths: First, Muslim 'refugees' have no plans to assimilate and, second, they have no plans to leave.

• Kenn's Law #92

"Spewing hate on the Internet" is code for "telling the truth."

• Kenn's Law #91

There is an infinite number of possible lies, but only one possible truth.

• Kenn's Law #90

The greatest skill is often 'people skills.'

• Kenn's Law #89

• If you tell the truth, they call you a racist.
• No one wants to be called a racist, so you stop telling the truth.
• Consequently, the only ones talking are the liars.

• Kenn's Law #88

Were the world to be rid of all offensive people, there would be none left to offend.

• Kenn's Law #87

Some have convictions but lack persuasive arguments.

Some have persuasive arguments but lack convictions.

Those who are most convincing have both.

• Kenn's Law #86

To many the most valuable asset is control.

• Kenn's Law #85

Liberals will reduce every conversation to an accusation of white racism.

• Kenn's Law #84

A simple way to prove a man is tone deaf is convince him to sing.
A simple way to prove a liberal is insane is convince him to talk.

• Kenn's Law #83

It's time for a president who doesn't "act presidential."

• Kenn's Law #82

If nice guys finished last, prisons would not be filled with bad guys.

• Kenn's Law #81

Academia is the incubator of cultural insanity.

• Kenn's Law #80

Nothing sacred is sacred to the regressive left.

• Kenn's Law #79

There may be moderate Muslims but there is no moderate Islam.

• Kenn's Law #78

You can't not believe something.

• Kenn's Law #77

It's never right to be wrong to be relevant.

• Kenn's Law #76

Nothing is more deceptive than truth told in part.

• Kennism #75

Be on the right side of liberty; not the right side of history.

• Kenn's Law #74

In free market economies intelligence disparity is expressed as income disparity.

• Kenn's Law #73

The regressive left consistently supresses free speech using the pretext of "hate speech."

• Kenn's Law #72

When they can't compete, they'll say you cheat.

• Kenn's Law #71

One's truth is another's heresy.

• Kenn's Law #70

Inconsistency is consistently consistent among the regressive left

• Kennism #69

I'm a person, not a pejorative.

Racist, xenophobe, Islamophobe, homophobe, redneck, white trash, etc. are pejoratives.

• Kenn's Law #68

Media: To not cover black-on-white crime is to cover up black-on-white crime.

• Kennism #67

The globalist paradigm follows this bogus syllogism:

1. If you're not a globalist, you are a nationalist.
2. Nationalists are Nazis.
3. Therefore, if you're not a globalist, you're a Nazi.

(See • Kenn's Law #56)

• Kennism #66

We tend to see what we believe rather than believe what we see.

• Kennism #65

Minimum requirements for me to join a group are:

a) Group members must cover the backsides each other.

b) Group members must not shoot each other in the backside.

I've yet to find that group.

• Kenn's Law #64

Pseudo-feminists misconstrue white male chivalry to be white male chauvinism.

• Kenn's Law #63

You can believe your own eyes or you can believe the media, but you can't believe both.

• Kennism #62

Think about what you are talking about before you talk about what you are thinking about.

• Kenn's Law #61

Questions are asked for one of two reasons: Either to solicit an answer are to solicit an argument.

• Kennism #60

I notice that most people who hate me do so -- not because of something I said or did -- but because of something someone said I said or did.

• Kenn's Law #59

Never go to battle alongside those who won't cover your backside.

• Kenn's Law #58

Marxists are delusional in believing their view that no people group can be superior to other people groups is superior to my view that all people groups are, in some way, superior to all others.

• Kenn's Law #57

Every person is in some way both superior and inferior to every other person.

• Kenn's Law #56

If you're not a globalist, you're a nationalist.

(See • Kenn's Law #67)

• Kennism #55

Know the difference between one who is friendly and one who is a friend.

• Kennism #54

Don't be loyal to those who aren't loyal to you.

• Kenn's Law #53

When it's black-on-white, it's a game. When it's white-on-black it's a crime.

Example: Black thugs play the "knock out game." White thugs commit "hate crimes."

• Kenn's Law #52

Marxism will always sacrifice prosperity to achieve parity.

• Kenn's Law #51

We tend to fight and quarrel more with our friends than with our enemies.

• Kenn's Law #50

Everyone is an extremist to some extreme.

• Kenn's Law #49

If his views seem extreme to you, then your views seem extreme to him. That is, extremism is relative to the "extremist."

• Kenn's Law #48

All belief systems are ultimately pathological.

• Kenn's Law #47

If banks refuse credit to blacks, it's discrimination.

If banks issue credit to blacks, it's predatory lending.

• Kenn's Law #46

Marxists group humanity into two philosophical world views: (1) Themselves and (2) extremists.

• Kenn's Law #45

Communism is one corporation that maintains an absolute monopoly.

• Kenn's Law #44

Marxism convinces us to exchange quality of life for equality of life.

• Kenn's Law #43

Were the majority always right, the earth actually was the center of the universe and Democrats would never be elected.

• Kenn's Law #42

The climate change cult exists for one reason: To give governments an excuse to control.

• Kenn's Law #41

Incompetence coupled with authoritarianism begets poverty.

• Kenn's Law #40

Innovation coupled with free markets begets prosperity.

• Kenn's Law #39

Most anyone can convince most anyone to hate most anyone by accusing most anyone of being a racist.

• Kenn's Law #38

The concept of cultural Marxism can be condensed to one simple sentence: White people are the oppressing bourgeois and non-white people are their oppressed proletariat.

• Kenn's Law #37

Truth takes precedence over perceived prudence.

• Kenn's Law #36

Immediately after liberals accuse you of racism, they will announce the date. "Don't know know it's [year]!"

• Kenn's Law #35

Being old, fat, ugly, and broke is more liberating than one may think.

• Kenn's Law #34

Sometimes extremists do extremely extreme things so the extremism of other extremists doesn't seem so extreme.

• Kenn's Law #33

The only place in America where white-on-black violence is more prevalent that black-on-white violence is Hollywood, Calif.

• Kenn's Law #32

Humans don't always believe what they see but, rather, see what they believe.

• Kenn's Law #31

Critics are like tone-deaf karaoke singers. They have no talent but draw much attention.

• Kenn's Law #30

Don't die for a lie.

• Kenn's Law #29

The liberal allusion to inclusion is an illusion.

• Kenn's Law #28

Tax hikes beget spending spikes.

• Kenn's Law #27

A most effective means of deprogramming minds infected with the cultural Marxism virus is exposing those minds to reality.

• Kenn's Law #26

Never do Facebook with church people.

• Kenn's Law #25

Tell the truth. Embrace the consequences.

• Kenn's Law #24

Never befriend money. It will walk out on you when you need it the most.

• Kennism #23

Fight the good fight. Infighting is not the good fight.

• Kennism #22

Be everyone's friend and no one's fool.

• Kenn's Law #21

Some people aren't happy unless they're unhappy.

• Kenn's Law #20

Many want to see it done; few want to do it.

• Kenn's Law #19

Bad writers call good writers 'bad writers' because it makes bad writers feel like good writers.

• Kenn's Law #18

Kindness is contingent upon context.

• Kenn's Law #17

Society can always be improved, but can never be perfected.

• Kenn's Law #16

Urban blight follows white flight.

• Kenn's Law #15

We 'act out' what we believe. If you believe the wrong thing, you will behave the wrong way.

• Kenn's Law #14

You will never meet a cult member who knows he is a cult member.

• Kenn's Law #13

Whenever a white person defends him/herself against violence, the white person will be identified as the racist aggressor and the attacker the victim.

• Kenn's Law #12

Conservatives believe in equality at the starting line.
Leftists believe in equality at the finish line.

• Kenn's Law #11

We think God thinks what we think we think he should think.

• Kenn's Law #10

Remove one's compass and any direction can be north.

• Kenn's Law #9

The objective is to be objective.

• Kenn's Law #8

We tend to find what we're looking for.

• Kenn's Law #7

Believing the world is round or flat has no bearing on its roundness or flatness.

It is what it is regardless what we believe it is.

Or, 'is is.'

• Kenn's Law #6

The person who asks questions controls the debate.

• Kenn's Law #5 [The 40-40 Law]

If you're forty pounds or more overweight and forty years old or older,
no one in their right  mind is lusting after your body.

• Kenn's Law #4

Each tweak made by government to improve a given policy will result in compounded flaws as the tweaks, themselves, are inherently rife with errancy and, therefore, will require manifold tweaking.

• Kenn's Law #3

Every major news story will be accompanied by at least one major conspiracy theory.

• Kenn's Law #2

If liberals were logical they wouldn't be liberals.

• Kenn's Law #1

For every • Kenn's Law there is at least one person who claims he/she thought of it first.

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