Tuesday, March 21, 2023

DailyKenn.com — No, they didn't just clash. They were attacked. 

Imagine you are casually strolling through the shopping mall when you are savagely set upon by a gang of "teens". It looks like a 1932 Tarzan movie or Oscar Wilde's Naked Prey

What do you do? You try to fight back but are overwhelmed. 

Some news outlets suggest it's a violent conflict. CBS news, however, got it correct: "Witnesses say it was a beat-down."

Let's go back to 1968. I was fourteen years old and encountered cultural shock when I walked onto the campus of a majority-black high school. For the next four years I was immersed in what seemed to be a never-ending brawl. 

What has changed?

Unlike the 1960s, today's generation is armed with video devices and the internet. The reality of 'teen' violence is obvious. There's no excuse for denial. Even the mainstream Marxist media can't hide it.  

Is this why Jim Crow laws existed? Is this why schools were racially segregated? 



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Anonymous said...

Observe any “chimp out” (black group violence) and you will see that blacks act just like their simian relatives, attacking their victim(s) not one-on-one, but almost always as a group. Even when the victim is subdued, they continue to kick and beat their victim. Even those not initially involved in the attack “join in” and “get their licks in” as well.
Nope, black behavior is ingrained in their DNA.
Blacks are of a different “root” and are much closer to simians than humans.
Black pre-frontal lobes are not as developed as those of other species and as such are responsible for the social and societal deficits that are apparent in blacks.