Monday, June 5, 2023 — 70-year-old Michael Thomas Sweeney, a prominent businessman, was fatally shot during a road rage incident in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Arrested was Randall Mickey, 37.

Police say Sweeney was shot in the head and neck.

The incident underscores the importance of vigilance when living in close proximity to people with low intellects, low impulse control, and low empathy. 

I also underscore the importance of equipping vehicles with both front and rear dash cams. Dash cams are available on and are easy to install. 

• Michael Thomas Sweeney, age 70

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Randall Mickey, 37

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Police: Man arrested after I-75 road rage shooting that killed Cincinnati businessman, By WLWT Digital Staff,, June 2, 2023]




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Anonymous said...

This wasn't exactly road rage. Latest info is that a woman was in the car with the victim, and they met the accused at a gas station, where the woman got out of the car, went over to the car of the defendant, and bought drugs. Apparently the defendant felt she didn't pay him the right amount, and he went over to the victim's car, but the victim then left. The defendant followed the victim and fired shots into the victim's car. The road rage story was a lie told by the woman who bought drugs.