Sunday, June 25, 2023 — 36-year-old James Harmon was fatally shot in Saint Paul, MN. 

Arrested was Tevon Antowon King, 27.

Authorities believe the death was the result of a random home invasion. 

Reports say Harmon was shot in the head as he slept at home. 

King's sister said her brother did nothing wrong. 

He was linked to a nearby home invasion by the handgun and shell casings found at both homes, a complaint said.

Harmon leaves behind four children.

• James Harmon, age 36

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Tevon Antowon King, 27

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[‘Stolen from us’: St. Paul police find no links between suspect and victims in homicide, home invasion, By Nick Ferraro and Mara H. Gottfried, Pioneer Press, June 12, 2023]



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Anonymous said...

Please help to keep this story "relevant". Repost and tag news organizations. This has had little to no coverage and James' children deserve justice for their father.