Monday, June 21, 2021 — 62-year-old Elsa Mikeska was fatally shot during an attempted robbery Houston, Texas. She was shot in the back as she fled.

The suspects were described as three slender-built Hispanic males. 

The victim was approached in a parking lot outside a gym where she planned to participate in a exercise class. Here final moments of life were captured on a security video. 

A report said the men may have been involved in an earlier carjacking. 

The incident occurred June 17, 2021. 

Take away...

• Importing violence from south of the border will almost certainly increased violent crime as the Hispanic culture makes its impression on the USA. 

"Feminists" leaders have remained silent. That is because racism trumps sexism in the hierarchy of social justice offenses.

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The family of a 62-year-old grandmother murdered outside a southeast Houston gym is asking for the public's help to find her killers.

Elsa Mikeska's family will be joined by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and HPD Chief Troy Finner at a press conference set for 3:30 p.m. Monday.

Turner is also expected to announce additional reward money.

Last Thursday, Mikeska was arriving for a 5 a.m. exercise class when she was ambushed in the parking lot in an attempted robbery.


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