AbateHate.com — Christie Holt, age 30, was fatally stabbed in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Arrested was Marcus Garvin, age 33.  

Reports say Garvin fatally stabbed Holt at the Always Inn motel, attempted to dismember her, dragged her remains in a sheet across a parking lot, and dumped her in a nearby creek. Her decomposing remains were found about one week after her death. 

Holt and Garvin were apparently in a relationship.

Garvin was wearing a GPS monitor at the time of the crime. In 2020 he was accused of stabbing a customer in the back at a gas station where Garvin worked. 

Police discovered Holt's remains on July 30, 2021. 

Excerpted from fox59.com ▼

After being stabbed to death at the Always Inn on East 21st Street last month, Christie Holt was left to decompose for nearly a week.

During that time, court records claim Marcus Garvin attempted to dismember the victim before dragging her body in a sheet across the parking lot to a nearby creek.

A witness noticed Garvin trying to dispose of the body called police.

Court records show when officers arrived, they found Garvin had cut off his GPS monitor and appeared ready to flee.

Garvin had been on GPS monitoring after being charged with battery with a deadly weapon in December of 2020. In that prior case, Garvin was accused of stabbing a customer at a gas station on Shadeland.

[Court records: Pair of recent Indianapolis murders committed by 2 suspects on GPS monitoring for prior violent crimes, by Jesse Wells, fox59.com, August 3, 2021]


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