Wednesday, May 15, 2024 — Breanna L Jones, 23, was fatally shot in Tampa, FL.

37-year-old Whitney Newsome was arrested.

Police were alerted when a ShotSpotter notification pointed them to gunfire near a convenience store. Upon arrival they found "an adult white female in her mid-20s and an adult black male in his early 40s, both suffering from gunshot wounds."

Reports say the black male, Fredrick J. Russell, was killed attempting to protect Jones after an argument broke out.

Newsome and the victims — including a black woman who was targeted, but not struck by gunfire — all knew each other, according to investigators.

"Breanna’s stepmother received the startling news Friday afternoon on her way home from visiting her husband, Chris Jones, who is currently serving time in prison," according to

ShotSpotter is a gunfire detection system that is used in high-crime neighborhoods. In 2016 the systems cost "$65,000 to $90,000 per square mile per year, with an additional $10,000 per square mile one-time initiation fee according to their own website." [source]

Reporting on Seattle, WA's proposed use of the system, noted opposition:

“I’m highly concerned that this technology will be solely used to further persecute, harass and mistreat the poor and marginalized in Seattle,” testified Rose King, a University of Washington biochemistry professor. “I don’t believe that we can fight gun violence with police violence.”

• Breanna L Jones

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[Suspect Who Shot 3, Killed 2 On 26th Ave Arrested In Tampa, By Jorge Borges,, May 4, 2024]

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