Sunday, November 7, 2021 — In an effort to diversify it's workforce, one of the world's largest financial institutions is forcing its recruiters to discriminate against White men and in favor of all others. 

Staff at State Street Global Advisors must get special approval to hire a White man, rather than a woman or an ethnic-minority candidate.



• Merit-based hiring seems to violate a core tenet of Marxism that presumes all human beings come equipped with identical abilities regardless or race or gender. However, Marxism's view of equality only seems to be evoked when Whites — and White males, in particular —  constitute the bourgeois. That is why we never see the woke generation press for diversity among NBA players. Coaches? Yes. Players? No. 

• We wonder if the ACLU will come to the aid of White men who feel the pains of discrimination imposed by State Street. 

• In our opinion, State Street should be allowed to hire whomever it wants. If the company prefers to hire less qualified candidates to meet diversity goals, that should be their legal right. Customers, after all, have the right to do business with companies that place quality over equality. 


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