Monday, September 19, 2022 —  38-year-old Allison Parker was one of three killed during a spree shooting in Memphis, Tenn. Parker was a White female. The other victims, 24-year-old Dewayne Tunstall and 62-year-old Richard Clark, were black males. 

Ezekiel Kelly, 19, was arrested. 

Parker was a nurse and mother to three boys. 

Kelly "was released from prison just six months ago, after serving 11 months for an aggravated assault charge that stemmed from a shooting in early February 2020," according to  

• Allison Parker

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Ezekiel Dejuan Kelly

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[Memphis Shooting Victims Identified, Including Medical Assistant Mom of 3 and Entrepreneur Dad of 2,  By Giovana Gelhoren,, Sept 9, 2022]


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