DailyKenn.com — 17-year-old Ian Hagerty was fatally shot while attending a candlelight vigil for Ta’neaious McCune. McCune, 18, was killed by a homeowner after an alleged break in. 

Police said 23-year-old Kendell Torrence was charged with Hagerty's murder. 

Two others — boys ages 11 and 16 — were also shot, but survived.

The vigil was being held in an Atlanta area apartment parking lot. 

Apartment parking lots seem to be dangerous no-go zones. In recent days:

► A similar incident occurred in Cincinnati, Ohio where 18-year-old Logan Lawson was fatally shot in an apartment parking lot.

► Jason "Jaybird" Todd Grider, age 48, was fatally shot after an "altercation" with four black males in a Greenwood, Indiana apartment parking lot.

► Ashley Nicole Chambers, 29, was fatally shot in the Meadow Run Apartments parking lot in Anderson, South Carolina.

► Ian Hagerty was fatally shot while attending a candlelight vigil for Ta’neaious McCune.


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[Police arrest suspect wanted for killing teen during vigil in DeKalb County, By FOX 5 Atlanta Digital Team, FOX 5 Atlanta, Dec 9, 2022]



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