DailyKenn.com — 23-year-old Chandler Martin was fatally shot in Monroe, Georgia. 

Arrested was Martin's neighbor, Opel Wesley Lackey, 77.

Reports say Lackey accused Martin of using racist slurs and bullying. We are unable to hear Martin's side of the story because he is dead; executed without a trial. 

If, in fact, the victim is guilty as accused, we wonder what provoked him to disrespect the alleged shooter. 

It should be noted that the use of racial slurs is not a capital offense. If it were, those who gratuitously use the 'n-word' ("Nazi") as a pejorative could be shot by the thousands. 

In our opinion, Martin was effectively lynched. Because the contention was racial, we can also conclude that diversity is sometimes not a strength. 

• Chandler Martin, age 23

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Opel Wesley Lackey

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[Man, 77, arrested after double shooting in Walton County subdivision, By David Aaro, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, May 8, 2023]





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