DailyKenn.com — 21-year-old Kaylee Marie Smith was fatally shot in  Warsaw, VA. 

18-year-old James Anthony Benjamin Barnes is facing 2nd degree murder for the shooting and is awaiting extradition to Virginia, reports say. 

Someone in a white SUV fired into the vehicle in which Smith was a passenger. 

"Local police called it a road rage incident that escalated into a drive-by," according to newsontheneck.com. However, the case was still under investigation. It may have been a racially motivated murder. 

The driver of the white SUV led police on a lengthy chase. It ended when "the vehicle crashed through the barricades of an old bridge and was disabled."

Impulse control has been a perennial problem throughout the nation's urban jungles and has, in the past, been a driver behind racial segregation. 

• Kaylee Marie Smith, age 21

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James Anthony Benjamin Barnes, an 18-year-old

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[18-year-old awaiting extradition to VA for fatal shooting in Warsaw, By Michelle Smith, newsontheneck.com, Aug 23 2023]





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