DailyKenn.com — 39-year-old Jeffrey Leonard McKay was fatally shot in Timberlake, NC.

Chad Woods, 41, is facing second-degree murder charges.

Reports say Woods allegedly shot McKay after the truck McKay was driving struck and killed Woods' teenage son.

According to fox5atlanta.com:

Police say Woods and his son were walking down the road back toward their home after running out of gas when a Department of Corrections truck driven by McKay crashed into Woods' son, according to a report from ABC 11. McKay stopped the truck and called 911 to report the incident, but the teen was pronounced dead at the scene.

Woods then pulled out a gun and shot McKay before throwing his gun into a nearby pond and stealing McKay's truck, police said, leaving the bodies on the street and driving home in the stolen vehicle.

• Jeffrey Leonard McKay

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Chad Woods

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[North Carolina dad shoots man who allegedly hit, killed son moments earlier: police, By Michael Lee, fox5atlanta.com, August 15, 2023]






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