Friday, February 9, 2024 — 37-year-old Ervin Fejzic was fatally shot in Lawrenceville, GA.

Leroy Taylor, 38, was arrested. 

His death resulted from an armed robbery at his family-owned bakery. 

"As he stepped outside to walk to his car he was confronted by a gunman. Even after complying with all his demands, the gunman still decided to take his life," his page explains.

Surveillance footage played a crucial role in Taylor's apprehension. 

The incident is believed to have been sparked by an attempt to steal $50. It is an example of entitled individuals who prefer to steal than work.

The community has rallied around Fejzic's family.

Fejzic leaves behind a wife and two-year-old daughter. 

• Ervin Fejzic

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Leroy Taylor

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[Warrants: bakery owner from Loganville was killed in $50 robbery, By WSB TV,, Feb. 06, 2024]


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