Sunday, March 31, 2024 — Stephen Carter, 18, was fatally shot in Lancaster County, SC during a robbery. 

Arrested were Kenneth Jamarri Mitchell, Jr., 25, and Ny’Jeri Izay Patterson, 17.

According to

Investigators determined Carter had arranged to meet with one of the two suspects, identified as Ny’Jeri Izay Patterson, 17, outside his home to purchase a firearm.

Instead of buying a firearm, authorities said Carter was shot and robbed of cash. 

•  Stephen Carter, 18, Lancaster County, South Carolina

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Kenneth Jamarri Mitchell, Jr. (left) Ny’Jeri Izay Patterson (right)

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[Second arrest made after Lancaster County teen fatally shot, robbed outside his home, By Ciara Lankford,, March 28, 2024]


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