Monday, April 1, 2024 — The first thing a narcissist typically does is engage in love bombing, showering you with excessive affection to establish a bond. To avoid being love-bombed, it's crucial to take control of the situation from the start. When encountering someone new, seize the initiative to maintain control, as narcissists thrive on having control.

By asserting yourself early on, you reduce the narcissist's chance of gaining control over you. While this approach isn't foolproof, it often deters narcissists who prefer easier targets. Finding your tribe or group is another effective strategy. Human nature inclines us to gravitate towards those similar to us, forming tribes based on shared interests or affiliations. However, be cautious as vulnerable groups, particularly those emphasizing altruism or empathy like religious organizations, may attract narcissists who mimic group members' behaviors to blend in. Joining such groups enables you to discern genuine members from potential narcissists.

Additionally, don't expect narcissists to openly dislike you, as they maintain a facade to uphold their image. Instead, they may subtly manipulate situations to their advantage. Stay vigilant and genuine, as narcissists despise authenticity and prefer easy targets. By being honest and assertive, you deter narcissists and maintain control over your interactions, making you less susceptible to manipulation. Remember, narcissists seek effortless ego boosts, so refusing to engage in their manipulative tactics prevents them from targeting you effectively.

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