DailyKenn.com — Sarah Alden, 53, died after being raped and assaulted along the Venice canals in Los Angeles, CA.

Anthony Francisco Jones, 29, was arrested.

Alden was declared brain dead earlier in the week. She was attacked on while walking along the famed canals.

Mary Klein, 54, was also attacked the same night and was severely injured. Both assaults had a “sexual element,” according to police. 

Jones, believed to be homeless, was captured on security cameras near the canals holding a liquor bottle that investigators said was used in the assaults.

The attacks have left the Venice community in shock, with residents reporting an increase in violent crime and heightened concerns for their safety.

Jones has been charged with multiple offenses, including forcible rape, torture, attempted murder, mayhem, sexual penetration by use of force, and sodomy by use of force. 

The reality of black-on-white violence runs in stark contrasts to the false milieu presented by the woke left entertainment and advertising industries.

• Sarah Alden

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Anthony Francisco Jones

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[Victim in ‘heinous’ Venice Canal sexual assault taken off life support, By Vivian Chow, May 24, 2024]

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