DailyKenn.com — Steven Anderson, 64, was run down and stabbed in Houston, TX.

20-year-old Karon Fisher was arrested. 

Fisher reportedly has XY chromosomes but presents as a woman, imagining himself to be "trans".

Reports say Fisher ran over Anderson twice with a vehicle, then stabbed him twice and kissed him. 

The incident was video recorded. 

The video-recorded incident occurred when Anderson was walking along a street to pick up his mail. The video captures a car, driven by 20-year-old Karon Fisher, screeching into the frame and hitting Anderson.

Fisher then reverses the car and hits Anderson again. Neighbors rush out to help Anderson, with one calling 911 and another bringing a pillow for his head. Fisher is seen returning to the scene, straddling Anderson's body, kissing him, and then stabbing him nine times.

According to court records, Fisher is identified as a man but was described by officers as a woman. 

•  Steven Anderson 64
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Karon Fisher 20

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[Video shows suspect running over man twice with car, kissing and stabbing his body, By The National Desk, cbsaustin.com, May 13, 2024]

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