DailyKenn.com — The woke-left media is doing its part to rain on a rally of patriots in central London, UK.

The media roundly condemned the patriots for asking, “Who the f*** is Allah?” That chant is deemed hate speech, according to journalists who turn a blind eye to the thousands murdered each year — mostly non-whites — by Islamic hate groups.

Even the Fox News-ish Sky News noted a few hooligans in the crowd, again ignoring the established fact that Islam is the religion of hooligans paralleled by none.

The presence of 2,000 Metropolitan Police officers was on high alert; needed, the media reported, due to "the presence of groups linked to football-related disturbances."

The protest commenced near Victoria Station and proceeded to Parliament Square, where speeches and a film screening took place. Prominent among the attendees were Laurence Fox and Tommy Robinson, who marched at the forefront behind a banner reading "This is London, not Londonistan." As they progressed, chants of “We want our country back” echoed from the crowd. More hate speech.

Upon reaching Parliament Square, Robinson addressed the crowd from a stage, where he was met with applause and cheers. Standing behind him, Fox smoked a rolled-up cigarette, the media noted, adding another jab for no apparent reason.

Robinson's speech included remarks about their perseverance and growing influence, stating, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Why does it feel like I’m winning?” He expressed gratitude to the thousands present, declaring, “We’re not going to be silenced any longer.”


Well, the woke left tried. Robinson was incarcerated for months in an effort to quell his vociferous influence. It didn't work. Obviously.

The protest highlighted the continued activity and mobilization of "far-right groups in the UK," the media claimed. Imagine that. Hoisting a Union Jack and voicing your love of nation and culture is now extremism.

The event occurred June 1, 2024.


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