Saturday, March 30, 2024 — A young engaged couple — Owen Hart, 22, and his fiancΓ© Athena Faye Taylor, 21, — was killed in Laughlin, Nevada when they were reportedly struck by a driver accused of veering into oncoming traffic while intoxicated in Laughlin, NV. Their friend, Jeremy Gebo, 44, was also killed.

Charged with three counts of DUI resulting in death was Claude Rafiki, 29.

The victims were riding motorcycles and Rafiki was driving an 18-wheeler, according to reported:

According to the reported charges, cops believe Rafiki had been travelling down the wrong side of the road before striking the three motorcyclists.  

Owen Hart's devastated family told 8NewsNow that he had only recently turned 22, and had ambitions to begin a career as a trucker.

The motorcycle ride that saw him lose his life was part of a birthday celebration, they added.

Rafiki is a surname common in east Africa. It is not known if the accused in an immigrant.

• Owen Hart; Athena Faye Taylor

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Jeremy Gebo

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Claude Rafiki

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[Michigan man arrested for the death of 3 St. George residents after crash in Nevada, By Mark Jones,, March 26, 2024]

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