DailyKenn.com — A 9-year-old girl was savagely beaten on a school bus in Florida [source]. The attackers were unidentifiable after media venues blurred most of their features. Black frizzy hair was all that was discernible. However, a Facebook post reveals the attackers as black and the victim as white (see below).

21.66 of the Homestead, Florida population, where the attack occurred, is black. 61.93 percent is white [source].

Takeaways... (submit answers in the comment section below)

• Jim Crow laws and racial segregation existed for a reason. Was it due to white racism? Or was it due to black violence?

• We wonder: Will Critical Race Theory apologists teach the inherent immorality of black-on-white violence? Or will they stay the neo-Marxist course and insist that only white people are oppressive and, therefore, only white people can be racists. 

• We wonder: Will the faltering fake feminists cry out in disgust at such an overt display of patriarchal oppression? 

• Would this happen to a little black girl in a bus full of white kids? Would it happen to a little white girl in bus full of black kids?

• It appears the only place white-on-black violence of this nature proliferates is in Hollywood.

• "Whoopi Goldberg asks if 'we need to see white people get beat up' to see police reform [source]

• Do you believe television commercials accurately portray black people?

Below is a Facebook post revealing the physical profiles of the attackers. Expect this post to be censored by Facebook; that is, they will lie by omission. 



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